Family Promise Hosting

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November 2021

12:29 am

University Congregational Church's week to provide volunteers for the new Family Housing Center in the YWCA's Meadowlark building is coming up on November 1-7.

The address is 1800 South 3rd St. West, one block west of the Good Food Store. Park in the parking lot east of the building and come in the front door on 3rd Street.

Salad and Dessert Providers and Kitchen Helpers Please note: New Food Requirements The Family Housing Center has been licensed as a semi-commercial kitchen. This was necessary in order for Family Promise to contract with Poverello to provide the main portion of each dinner menu. As a semi-commercial kitchen, and to prevent the passage of food borne pathogens, the Health Department does not allow us to bring food items prepared in our home kitchens. We have two options for providing our salads and desserts.  We may purchase items prepared and packaged in grocery stores or delis, or we can bring ingredients (such as fruits or fresh vegetables) and prepare foods in the kitchen.

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