Lenten Carbon Fast

Fast from Carbon during Lent as a way to respond to the climate crisis.

March 2020

12:00 pm

2:30 pm

UCC Missoula


The spiritual practice of fasting, accompanied by prayer and meditation, moves us to be more open to the will of God in our lives. Fasting helps us listen to what God wants us to be and to do. During Lent this year, UCC Missoula invites us to “fast from carbon”, responding to our climate crisis as an act of faith and love for God’s Earth.

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Look at the Carbon Fast Pamphlet for the full list of things you can do during the fast.
Carbon Fast Pamphlet
Here is a quick guide to the Carbon Fast.
Carbon Fast Quick Sheet
Use these vegetable-based recipes to make meals with ingredients that require a low amount of carbon to produce.
Vegetable-Based Recipes

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