Power: Claiming it, Sharing it, Using it for Love

Janice Springer and Laura Folkwein lead this small group about recognizing our own power and using it to love and empower others.

August 2021

5:00 pm


Jesus’ teachings are about power. Powerless people always attack (others or themselves). Our faith teaches us how to access power. A healthy community is a power tool.

If any of these statements intrigue you, join us for a workshop on power.

We will look at power from three perspectives:

relational power (as in power dynamics)

collective power (as in justice work, community organizing)

personal power (as in  inner transformation)

Laura Folkwein and Janice Springer will lead us as we learn:

to recognize our own power and use it to love

to empower ourselves and others

We’ll gather in the courtyard, so bring whatever you need to be comfortable (sweater, sun hat, bug spray, water bottle, thermos of coffee, etc.) Bring a lawn chair if you can, and pen and paper or your tablet.

Remember to wear your mask. Please stay home if you feel ill. The church building will be open for restrooms and in case of inclement weather.

We will meet 5:00-7:00 p.m. on Sunday August 15.

(Photocredit: "power" by blacktsuba is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0)

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