June 14, 2022

UCC Missoula's Church Profile

Graham Roy

UCC Missoula posted a church profile to begin the search for a new pastor. The profile serves as an all in one document for pastoral candidates, providing them with information about our church history, current demographics, and goals for the future. Another part of the profile is like a job description which tells candidates what UCC Missoula would like a pastor to do once hired. In this section you will find the top qualities we would like in a pastor that the congregation developed during our conversations in April. The profile also includes leadership, financial and structural information about the church so that our next leader can make informed decisions about whether this is the right place for them.

To view the profile, visit the job description at the link below and select "Download More Information". Please forward the link to anyone who might be interested in applying to be our pastor.

UCC Missoula Pastor Job Description

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