2020 Christmas Pageant

November 25, 2020

The Adorable Cuteness of the Christmas Pageant (and beyond)

In the midst of mourning losses of Christmas traditions due to the pandemic, sometimes something wonderful emerges.  That’s certainly the case for UCC Missoula’s “Best Online, Intergenerational, Pandemic, Christmas Pageant Ever.” I’ve just had the chance to preview this work of love produced by our Children’s Ministry Director, Valerie Young, with the contributions of so many familiar faces and I’m still laughing/crying from the sheer joy of it all. This pageant, which is the heart of our worship this Sunday, is guaranteed to make your heart grow three sizes at least.  

What’s really beautiful is that, even during the pandemic, our whole church is in on spreading Christmas joy this week. Karin Clark-Cassens, our Youth Ministry Director, has been driving all over town to drop off items to be wrapped by several households and given as presents for guests at the Poverello Center.  Our Visionaries have transformed the Sanctuary once again to make sure we have images for Christmas and Epiphany to use in our online worship services. Our musicians and singers have recorded hymns and anthems to carry the Christmas story and bring new light to our hearts. Other households are sharing images and stories of what Christmas means to them, especially in this very different year. And our pastoral staff with Graham Roy, our administrator, is making all the video magic happen. God bless us all, everyone!  Merry Christmas!


Publish Date:

December 17, 2020

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