All Saints Day

October 29, 2020

Not that anyone really wants another hour of 2020, but we’ll all “fall back” this Sunday. Please set your clocks accordingly.

Beloveds, the world feels more than a little bananas out there. COVID-19 is spiking, hurricanes are forming, there are still massive forest fires, the stock market is jittery, and oh, there’s an election on Tuesday that probably won’t yield results for weeks. Looking ahead just feels like uncertainty on top of uncertainty. This Sunday, though, is less about looking ahead more about looking back to the memories and inspirations of the saints and prophets who have come before. It’s All Saints Day. We have Beatitudes, Holy Communion, excellent chamber music, and a few hopeful messages and prayers to get us through the week to come.


Publish Date:

October 29, 2020

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