Blessing of the Breads

Blessing you amidst Fall’s crisp air, colorful leaves, hollowing Halloween, and seasonal baking delights.  

We begin our series on Bread and blessing. Moses and Jesus both share that one cannot live by bread alone. Gluten or Gluten free, by slice and loaf, breads are a staple in our lives.  What is essential in our lives, raising our spirit, filling our inner cupboards, and bringing us to a table of communion. Our liturgy this Sunday raises ordinary bread to a holier place in our lives. Abraham and Sara open their tent, bake bread, and cake, and serve a meal creating a welcoming space for neighbor and stranger. (Genesis 18).   Jesus breaks bread and from so little feeds the multitudes assuring no one goes hungry. (John 6).

Might our Biblical narratives, musical offerings, reflections on the themes of bread bring us to a place where we witness blessed abundance, give more, experience fulfillment and celebrate our relationships around our tables and beyond?  My friends, the answer is, YES!  

Join us in person or online this Sunday at 10:00am. In anticipation of our gathering for worship and sacred community, I pray for family, friends, our community, and those I don’t know, to feel blessings of bread and faith this day and the days ahead.  


Rabbi Mark


Publish Date:

October 13, 2022

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