Connections: Connected to the Past, Present, and Future

At its core, church is composed of a series of “remember when” stories. Remember when the Youth Group had that dance competition?  Remember when the church went through the ONA process? Remember when the church was three different buildings?  Our “remember when” stories contain our cultural DNA. They remind us of who we were and can point out who we might become. This Sunday, Rev. Peter Shober (remember Peter?) joins us to reflect on his 25 years of pastoring this church through “remember when” stories when times of chaos or crisis helped form community. Pastor Jennifer will offer thoughts on how the last two years of the pandemic have shaped us and may point to different ways of being in the time to come. Please join us in person or online at 10 a.m.

Everything Changes
In our sermon series we are exploring how our brains were designed to be suspicious of change, and for good reason–homeostasis in good measure helps us thrive, protecting us from danger. But if we look closely at what the Creator set in motion, we find that change is the most constant part of life and necessary for animating our spirits as we find renewed purpose throughout life. Jesus advocated for changes that would keep us moving toward greater goodness!  “Everything Changes” John 12:20-26 In our scripture this week Jesus asks us to let go of life “as it is” in order to create and multiply the love that is eternal. What feels like the chaos, or recklessness, of change is the breaking-open of possibility and the sprouting of new life. This is what it means to follow the change-maker Jesus and serve his purpose of more love in the world. -Pastor Courtney

Publish Date:

May 19, 2022

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