Covenants, Covenants, Covenants


As we begin a worship series on the Big Four Covenants in the bible (Noah, God, the flood, and the rainbow; Abraham, Sara, God and the promise of land and offspring; Moses, God, and the Ten Commandments; and Jesus, us, God, and the “New Covenant”), I remember that things weren’t perfect for any of those people either.  

This week, as we revisit the story of Noah, the flood, God and the rainbow, I am reminded of the simple joy of seeing a rainbow in the sky after a storm. Looking up at a rainbow reminds me there is more here than water heaters and frozen video feeds. There is love, ever-present hope, and a promise from God to be with us forever (the details of that are still a little foggy to me, but I’ll take it).  

This week in worship, we will “re-covenant” together by making some promises of our own about being the church together, through technology hiccups, pastoral transitions, and water heater replacements, AND all the good and beautiful stuff too. I hope to see you there, in all our imperfect humanity, online or in person.  

Peace and rainbow hopes,



Publish Date:

September 9, 2021

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