Giving Until it Helps

March 10, 2022

A Generous Response to a Scarce World: In many ways, the world today feels like it’s lacking something essential. Call it reason, call it temperance, call it grace, call it what you will, this lacking “something” tends to put the most vulnerable people at the most risk of losing what little they have. We’re seeing it in Ukraine, in the housing market, in healthcare, and in the climate crisis.  

As I typed the word “scarce”, my auto-correct wanted to substitute “scared” and without that “something” in place, it’s easy to retreat into fear. But the other auto-correct substitution that came up in my own mind was “sacred.” There is something sacred in meeting scarcity with the practice of Generosity. This week in worship, and in the presentation following worship, we’ll explore teachings about generosity from Christian, Jewish, and Muslim perspectives. (Hint: The words of Jesus on this topic may make your head explode.)

Please join us for the midpoint of our Lenten season, “Deep Calls to Deep” as we enter into Deep Generosity as a spiritual practice.  

The spiritual practice of fasting accompanied by prayer can move us to be more open to the will of God in our lives through slowing down and letting go. During Lent this year, UCC Missoula invites you to try a “fast from carbon,” that is, to reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses you put into the atmosphere.


Publish Date:

March 24, 2022

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