Healing from Illness

April 20, 2020

This week, we worship online and welcome Pastor Janice Springer to UCC Missoula for the summer. Welcome Janice!

We also introduce our summer worship theme of "Summer Patchwork and Patch Work.” In a patchwork quilt, many diverse pieces make something beautiful. Our summer patch work is mending ourselves back together as we move back out into the world at different paces, some with holes in our jeans, others with empty places in our hearts and lives, still others strong, firm and ready to help fill in the gaps. Patchwork and patch work, lament and praise, travel and staying home, online worship and outdoor worship—all of it sewn together as the fabric of our faith and our lives together.  

Another piece in our summer patchwork is the Congregational Meeting on Zoom after worship this Sunday. Please plan to attend to vote in our slate of 2021-22 officers and hear a mid-year budget report.

See you online on Sunday!

Peace to you,

Pastor Laura  


Publish Date:

June 17, 2021

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