We all know how life can change on a dime. You’re out walking along a trail or on the ice, and whoopsie: life has a whole new complexion. Church, it turns out, can be like that, too. After very thoughtful review of the needs and values of the larger church, we had determined last week that the best course forward for worship during the pandemic was to remain with outdoor, in-person, livestreaming. But, whoopsie: the forecast called for rain (which doesn’t mix well with electronic gear) and a significant rise in COVID-19 infections (which doesn’t mix well with indoor worship) so we’re back to pre-recorded worship. We’ll stay with this modality for worship through November with a re-assessment mid-month. Our building is available for small group gatherings as requested AND we recommend that groups continue to use online resources through this infection spike.  


Our mid-week scramble took many hands (note the picture above) working together to pull off the “miracle” of creating our worship offering. But it always takes many hands, and hearts, to create all of the expressions of church. I think about the hands that picked apples at Dorleen Bakke’s house last week, and the hands that have made meals to make food for people who’ve been ill this Summer. There’ve been hands at work sanitizing and preparing for our building to open up this past week.  

I think of Alice and Jeff’s hands on their musical instruments, Chris Hahn’s hands moving to conduct the choir and Graham’s hands flying on his computer. I think of how carefully and lovingly Victoria has used her gloved hands to keep our building and grounds clean and safe. I smile to think of how Val’s hands create the Sunday School to Go bags and how Karin and Grace use their hearts and hands to create safe and welcoming space.  


I think of the hands that packed over 500 Covid kits for the Poverello Center a few weeks ago and that hands that write the checks or process the payments that support our “miraculous” church community every day. Over the next few weeks, our Stewardship team will be inviting us to share stories of the miraculous moments in our lives when we’ve seen the hand of God at work. I am so looking forward to hearing these stories and using this time to recommit ourselves anew to being that hand of God in our community.


Publish Date:

October 13, 2020

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