Luke 19:1-10

June 10, 2020


Our worship series, “Unraveled,” continues this week with the story of Zaccheus who sees his vocation as a tax collector “unravel” under Jesus’ gaze. Many of us have been unraveled ourselves this week by the ongoing systemic racism, protests, violence in the streets, military response and continuing fears of pandemic.

Unraveling can uncomfortable, disorienting, and frightening.It can also lead to the creation of something beautiful, strong and new. There is so much good work we can do to unravel systems of injustice in our nation,in our community and in ourselves. The Good News is that Jesus gives us the power and the love to do the work that creates Beloved Community. Join us at 10 a.m. on Sunday to worship through this time of unraveling and being rewoven in love.



by hannah garrity inspired by luke 19:1-10  |   acrylic & ink on canvas Seeing, taking notice, acknowledging,lifting up—Jesus did all of these things as he looked up at Zacchaeus, calling him down, resting love and responsibility on his shoulders. I teach middle school art. I have spent this school year testing the waters. Each day I try anew collection of inputs for various situations. The most effective one is to stop in at every single student’s seat to have a personal conversation with them. In these conversations, I reiterate the assignment, glean information about what the student plans to do, and answer any questions. The byproduct is positive productivity. Is it because I’ve shown that I care? Is it because I’ve clarified the expectations? Is it because I simply acknowledged their existence in the room? Is it because I saw them? Middle schoolers don’t realize that you can hear and see them from across the room. Their maturity level is simply not there yet. In this image, Jesus looks up with grace. A shimmer of gold on his skin represents the presence of God in him. He takes notice of a selfish,greedy, and immature adult. Zacchaeus’ actions make me think he did not mature much after middle school. By the standards of society, exhibited by the comments of those around him, this man does not deserve to be acknowledged.When he is finally seen, all of his immaturity melts away. He immediately rises to the occasion. Take notice, acknowledge, lift up. See.


Publish Date:

June 10, 2020

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