This Sunday we come to the end of our “Homecoming” series. We began in Genesis, so it is only appropriate that we end with the Revelation of Jesus, we’ll consider what it means for God to have a Homecoming with us.  

Through this journey, I have had my own homecoming as I returned to guiding worship on a regular basis. I have been surprised by the face of God among you (Genesis 33). I recognize how I have changed over the last three years, and how I approach the home of worship from a different space (Ruth 1). I also recognize that for a time, I have chosen you to be my homecoming people (also Ruth 1). Every week I feel the tension of joy and grief in my body and in the community gathered, (Ezra 3) even as I am challenged by Jesus’ expansive vision for welcome (Luke 4) and humbled by God’s longing to be Home with us (Revelation 21). Thank you for taking this homecoming journey with me.  


Publish Date:

October 5, 2022

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