November 24, 2021

When I think of this time last year,  

when we were in hard lockdown,  

when the numbers were spiking everywhere,

when there was barely an effective treatment for COVID,  

when vaccines were still just a glimmer of a promise,  

when we knew that we could not safely gather to tell the sacred stories and sing our holy songs

when we were so scared,

when we were so lonely,

when we did what we could to make the season “bright”,

when we persevered,

when we hoped,

and Christ came as promised, as always,

I can only say “Thanks be to God.”  

Please join us this Sunday as we usher in an Advent where COVID is still with us, but where the light and hope of the season is shining a little more brightly. Let us welcome the Angels Among Us with their message to #benotafraid.


Publish Date:

December 1, 2021

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