Poetry Sunday Sabbath Delight

July 8, 2021

Dear friends,

This Sunday is Poetry Sunday! I can hardly wait to bask in the joy of well-placed words and carefully crafted images that poets bring us. What a celebration of God’s surprises for us. We have a beautiful array of poems, curated by Gary Hawk and chosen by a group of UCC poets and poetry lovers. The theme for the day is Sabbath Delights.  

We are worshiping IN PERSON and ONLINE on Sunday. Rev. Janice Springer will be leading in person worship. I will be hosting online worship.  

Due to wildfire smoke and air quality concerns, in person worship will be held indoors in the sanctuary. Please bring and wear a mask on UCC property, plan to socially distance in the sanctuary, and be ready to exit the building after the service. You are welcome to gather in the courtyard after worship, with masks on, or gather off UCC property in whatever way you are comfortable. We will be operating under this spring’s Re-Gathering policy for indoor worship, set forth by Pastor Jennifer and the Covid Advisory Team, and approved by the Cabinet. Here’s a link if you wish to review: https://www.uccmissoula.org/post/regathering

Regardless of where or how you worship on Sunday, do something delightful and give yourself and your beloveds the gift of a moment of sabbath rest. Breathe as deeply as you can. Enjoy the beauty that surrounds us and surprises us always. Praise our Maker.

Peace to you,

Pastor Laura


Publish Date:

July 22, 2021

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