Prodigal Son

February 18, 2021

“O how I long to see Hawai’i.” These are words spoken by many people, especially when they are struggling through the mud and ice of late winter, but these are also the last words spoken by Henry Opoukia’ah, the first Christian native Hawai’ian who longed to return home to spread the good news of God’s never-ending love to his people there.  Henry died of typhus before he could return to his home from New England, but this Sunday, Pastor Jennifer will tell his story entwined with that of the Prodigal Son as we continue our series on Race, Power and Privilege. The photo included here is a scale model of the brig “Thaddeus” that brought the first White missionaries, our Congregationalist ancestors, to the islands. Our Congregationalist legacy in Hawai’i mixes blessing and sinfulness, repentance and promise. It’s a story that we hope can take us into a new future. A hui ho! -Pastor Jennifer


Publish Date:

March 4, 2021

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