This week continues our sermon series on Homecoming. Together we encounter various “Homecoming” stories from our Scriptures. Sunday, we consider Ruth 1.  

Returning Home: Sometimes returning “home” is not a choice. It is mandated or put upon us by circumstances. Sometimes turning toward “home” means turning away from everything we’ve known. In both cases, “home” is complicated and full of the paradoxes of life. This week we explore two women who “turned home,” and their complicated journey together. In preparation for worship, I invite you all to consider how you would fill in the following blanks.  

Once I was ___________ then I left home. When I returned, I was _____________. In our story this week one woman leaves “pleasant” and returns “bitter.” What about you? There will be an opportunity for you to share your two words on Sunday (both online and in-person)!


Publish Date:

September 15, 2022

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