Two Years Gone Overcoming Loneliness

Pastor Jennifer says:  Prior to ministry, I’d never been good at casual, unstructured social situations. I could comfortably speak in front of hundreds of people, but squirm over casual chat with two or three.  Eventually, I came to enjoy Fellowship Time and I learned that those short interactions often contained the glue that helped people know that they were loved and cared for.  

These past two years of church almost entirely online have missed a lot of that social interaction glue. But as of March 2 (Ash Wednesday) and the first Sunday of Lent on March 6, we’re BACK, live in person and livestreaming online.

The question is, how do we catch up on the two years (!) we’ve missed? We’ve got a few ideas and they start this Sunday, before we’re back in person, but we’re going to work that chat option for all it’s worth.  

Here’s the plan: We’re going to ask you to help us create a Catch Up Collage. It can consist of text, photos, videos, whatever you like, to answer the questions below. This Sunday, you’ll be invited to answer the questions online in the chat function.  Answer one question or answer all of them. Use a single word or write us a letter. For the next couple of weeks, you can send in your answers online to or take part in our Story Corner starting March 6.

I look forward to hearing your answers!

Questions for “2 Years Gone”

In the last two years:

What did you wear?

Was there a favorite item of clothing that you wore through the pandemic? What does your mask collection look like?

What did you eat?

Did you learn how to make new dishes? Did you find a new favorite take out place?  

Where did you go?

Did you get to / have to travel over the last few years? Where did you go? What did you do or see?

What did you learn how to do?

What new skills or interests did you develop?  

What did you miss? (Oh, there’s a lot to this one!)

How did your family change?

How are the kids/grankids growing up? Did you get a pandemic pet? Did you lose someone dear to you?

How did your job change?

How did your work or work setting adjust to the pandemic?  

What are you hoping for now?

What’s the “new normal” for you? What do you want it to be?

Everything Changes
In our sermon series we are exploring how our brains were designed to be suspicious of change, and for good reason–homeostasis in good measure helps us thrive, protecting us from danger. But if we look closely at what the Creator set in motion, we find that change is the most constant part of life and necessary for animating our spirits as we find renewed purpose throughout life. Jesus advocated for changes that would keep us moving toward greater goodness!  “Everything Changes” John 12:20-26 In our scripture this week Jesus asks us to let go of life “as it is” in order to create and multiply the love that is eternal. What feels like the chaos, or recklessness, of change is the breaking-open of possibility and the sprouting of new life. This is what it means to follow the change-maker Jesus and serve his purpose of more love in the world. -Pastor Courtney

Publish Date:

February 17, 2022

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