Unconcerned Lilies and Clapping Trees

April 22, 2021

“The trees will clap their hands!” says the prophet Isaiah (chapter 55:12). Who doesn’t love trees? Trees big and small, and young and old give shelter, shade, and oxygen. But what about molds and algae? Can we love them? This week we are scouring the Bible and our surroundings for mentions of plants of all kinds and asking what they might have to teach us about ourselves, God, and our relationships to the Earth. The tree pictured here is on the Crazy Canyon Trail close to Missoula. That twisted trunk has a story or two, don’t you think? This tree tells me that scars and hard stories don’t always have to be hidden. The tree seems to be clapping her hands and reaching for the sun too. What else do trees and moss, garden herbs and wildflowers have to tell us? I hope you’ll go outside sometime soon and have a listen.


Publish Date:

May 6, 2021

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