Why did Jesus Come?

November 25, 2020

Each year during Advent, we prepare our homes and our hearts for the coming of the Christ child at Christmas, and we try to enjoy the waiting. In order to be able to stand the waiting, we put up Advent wreaths at church and at home, you might be busy putting up your tree and some lights, cleaning, baking, and preparing gifts for loved ones. I encourage you, especially this year when Christmas will be so very different for us, to take a moment to consider what your heart needs to be ready for the coming of the Christ child this year: Healing? Signs of hope? Some rest? Some kind of normalcy? How will you honor your desire? Make a note and save some time on your calendar so you can ready your tender heart for Christmas and help the ones around you do the same.  

Our Advent theme this year centers around four questions, which we see as gifts of the season. This week, we ask “Why did Jesus come?” I am curious to know what you think about that question. Why did God come to us in human form, knowing that life is so hard sometimes and that people mess up so often and so terribly? Did Jesus come to enjoy sunsets and sex, or to show us a perfect and unattainable way to live? Did he come to reveal the violence and emptiness of endless, anxious cycles of production and consumption that get so big during the holidays? Did he come to us in human form to show us that God really IS WITH US? What do YOU think? I’ll share some of my thoughts on this topic on Sunday and we’ll light the first Advent candle, the candle of Hope. I hope you’ll join our church family online and at Virtual Coffee Hour on Zoom afterwards.  

A blessed and hopeful Advent to you, Pastor Laura


Publish Date:

November 25, 2020

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