Words in Spiritual Conversations

Susan and I often do various word puzzles together.  I like words, and I am a reader, writer and preacher, but Susan is much better at word puzzles than I am. Sometimes I accuse her of making up a word, and we have to pull out the dictionary…

This Sunday we will look at how limiting, even misleading, words can be, and nowhere more so than in spiritual conversations. What does it really mean to say I believe…? To make sense of that statement, we need to define believe. If we answer I believe in God, we need to define not only the word believe, but also the word God. In our worship service this week, we will find some expansive definitions for familiar words from our faith. 

In person or on-line, I hope you’ll join us. We will sing and pray as always, and this Sunday during the worship hour we will also have a short congregational meeting to elect new lay leaders and to vote on a gift acceptance policy. And in the midst of all of it, we will find the grace of God.  

Rev. Janice Springer


Publish Date:

June 23, 2022

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